will they bring back the old melee system from halo 3 in this game?

#1DARQ MXPosted 10/30/2012 1:09:08 PM
or do you have to double melee to get a kill? In halo 3 you could kill anyone that was slightly less than 100% shields with a melee. Now in Reach Melee's make you only one shot it seems if you are not already one shot.

I kinda like the halo 3 way in a lot of ways because of the super weak AR you get stuck with sometimes. SO its nice to be able to sling a couple of boogey tissues at them with the AR and than Melee and you are done. Vs. Throwing a full clip to get them down to one shot than killing them with the melee, but if the AR is better in halo 4. Than I guess I wouldn't care to have the reach one back which I am sure they are keeping.
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