Every armor in the game in one picture

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No Hayabusa or Halo CE armor? It seems like this game is taking a much more serious approach with armor apposed to Halo 3 and Reach.
no Sig master race
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Mark V. Gotta love the classics.

Oh wait, Mark V ISN'T IN THE GAME FOR SOME F***ING REASON! What a huge fail by excluding the best armor. Mark V, ODST, & CQB are my 3 favorites & none of them are in the game so I honestly couldn't care less about all the stupid a** armor permutations. And since most, if not all, of the never before seen ones look incredibly dumb I'll probably just go with Mark VI.

Opinions. It isn't in because there was no room for it and the Mark V helmet is getting rather old, so the UNSC probably dropped production for it

It doesn't honestly matter how old the Mark V armor system is & Mark VI isn't that much newer. Considering Spartan II's received Mark V prior to/during the Fall of Reach & Chief received Mark VI upon his return to Earth at the beginning of HALO 2 it shouldn't make a difference. And besides, despite the fact that Chief has been in cryo-sleep in for 4 years since the end of HALO 3, Mark VI has been in service longer than Mark V.

And also, since it's for multiplayer & Spartan Ops only it wouldn't hurt to have as many armor permutations as possible. At least Mark V, ODST, & CQB have been available since HALO 3 so why take those out but leave dumbs*** ones like Recon & Scout in?

hold the phone there man the scout armor looks dope