Tell the Halo 4 board about your Halo Background.

#111lderivedxPosted 11/4/2012 10:06:44 AM
From: Landonio | #101
Age: 23

And I assumed you were in your late 20s. >_>

Close game your school had yesterday.
Also, we've already established that your amazing high skill 37 firmly establishes you as bad at Halo. - The Beanster
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#112The_ArchdukePosted 11/4/2012 10:17:14 AM
Age: 21
Gamertag: zeppelinemg / l archduke l for h3 purposes
# of Halo games played: 7300ish
Highest rank obtained: H2 = 27ish, H3 = 50, Halo Reach = Lt. Colonel Grade 2
Favorite Weapon: Battle rifle
Favorite Map: Lockout = H2, Pit = H3
Favorite Halo: Halo 2
Favorite matchmaking playlist: Team Slayer
Would you consider yourself support or assault: Support, team player baby
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