would you take $2,000 in cash if it meant you could never be able to play H4?

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Alex_Sage posted...
What does that even mean? "As you get older you'll see that 2 grand is nothing"?

What are you even talking about? 2 grand will get you through at least 2 months living expense and that is precious. You have this UNBELIEVEABLE assumption that your supply of money is never ending, just because you make 80 grand now doesn't mean CRAP, hell you pay like 25% in taxes, then you pay your mortgage and you pay your everything. It ALL adds up, and if you're THAT dense that you're willing to throw away 2 thousand dollars and brag about how "it's nothing", you seriously need a giant wake up call.

So I'm not allowed an opinion? I would take halo 4 over the 2000 without a second thought. Money is just money, I also never mentioned how much I make, just what I thought was a good rough estimate of the average salary. I don't think my supply of money is never ending, but my enjoyment from things such as halo far outweighs my desire to have a months worth of rent.
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Don't plan on playing H4 anyways so 2k easy choice lol
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akanakin posted...
apopagasm posted...
xixnoahxix posted...
I went to college so I could have the luxury of spending disposable income on this sort of thing. So Hell no. As you get older you'll see 2 grand is nothing. The average person is going to earn 5 million over the course of their life, assuming you make at least 80 grand a year, the point of money is that you trade it for goods such as halo, why would you reverse that?

p sure the average person doesn't make 80 grand a year

Yeah, it's probably closer to 40K.

And considering living expenses alone are easily around 30K, increasing a yearly profit by 20% is definitely a big deal.

I think my message came across the wrong way, I just meant that halo has a much higher intrinsic value to me. That I would take the game because I love halo and would get more value out of it.

And 2k is 5 percent of 40 grand. I thought 40 grand was what you make as a full-time minimum wage employee?
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2k?? id do it for 200 lol
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i cant stand the halo series, so... 2k it is
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Dude, I woud NEVER speak of the game EVER again. Never touch it, look at it, NOTHING. No problem. CASH please, NO paypal. LoL.
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Considering that I never have played any Halo games...I'm thinking the 2k:)
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God yes.
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xixnoahxix posted...

And 2k is 5 percent of 40 grand.

2k is 20% of 10k, which would be the net annual profit given an income of 40k and expenses of 30k.

xixnoahxix posted...

I thought 40 grand was what you make as a full-time minimum wage employee?


Sounds like it's time to bust out a calculator. Minimum wage in the US is $7.25. So, 7.25 X 40 X 52 = ?

And that's before taxes.

You really have no clue about money.
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Probably since blops 2 comes out next week
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