Sitting outside Gamestop....

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4 years ago#41
Lol nerds. Cause having an account on GAMEfaqs and posting doesn't make you a nerd. Right?...... Right?

If anyone has a screenname. = nerd
I'm what you would call, a modern day Hippie.
Love, Peace, 4:20-14/7. Living in Euphoria
4 years ago#42
So many fat neckbeards here lmao
Posting from iPhone 4.
4 years ago#43
I'm serving #87........I should've stayed home.........
4 years ago#44
I picked it up at Walmart.

Didn't have to preorder. Got to stand inside. And they had free cake and punch. Also, everyone was super nice.

Stop going to Gamestop. It's like they have you all by the balls. All you need to do is look around. There are so many better ways to do this.
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