If you are installing disc 1 STOP and install disc 2

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User Info: abbeldydoo

4 years ago#21
I was trying to install the disc on the dashboard like every other 360 game i have ever installed,silly me.
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User Info: TheSnowDog2112

4 years ago#22
KontroLz85 posted...
TheSnowDog2112 posted...
Why exactly do u hav to install disc 2 and install it first?

You don't have to install it first. I installed disc 1 then put disc 2 into the tray and started it up. I was prompted to install it after I started it up.

Ah thank u kind sir, I don't get the game till 10am and are glad I cleared this mess up beforehand. I want everything to go smoothly!

User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#23
please delete this topic

it's incredibly misinforming

User Info: dueric

4 years ago#24
abbeldydoo posted...
I have tried cutting my 360 off and back on with disc 2 in and have tried taking it out and putting disc 1 back in then removing it and putting disc 2 in again and all i ever get is to "play now" disc 2 with disc 1 being the only one i can install.And i have resetted my 360 multiple times.This is starting to piss me off,i was ready to jump into MP and i can't because i won't play a disc unless it is installed.

Is there a link to an official place i can vent to?I just stood in line for 2 hours to get screwed.

Boot disc 2 as normal, like you would any other game. After it boots up, it will take you to a "main menu" where it will prompt you to install.
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User Info: lightningboot

4 years ago#25
And what do we do when it says insert the Halo 4 play disc? I've downloaded the game already.
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User Info: LinkIsSpartan

4 years ago#26
disc 2 is mandatory, disc 1 isnt. I installed disc 1 first then booted up disc 2 and it installs itself no problems.
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