Excuse me, 343? You Call of Duty all over my Halo.

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themagicpainman posted...
Alright scrubs, let me give you a terrible analogy.

You're a chef who makes some damn good steak, but lately this other guy's steaks are doing better than yours. Yours are still great, but his seem to sell a bit more. Rather than be jealous and stamp your feet, you take a look at what makes his steaks so popular. You get some of the seasonings he uses and combine them with your own stuff to make your steaks better than ever.

You're still making the steak itself, you're just borrowing some ingredients from this other great chef to make your food better than ever. And in the end, the customer wins.

In the end, the customers who don't care what it tastes like as long as there's meat in their mouths will be happy with the steak.

The customers who do care will say, "Wow, both of these steaks taste way too similar. I'm so tired of tasting the same thing over and over. I'm gonna stop coming to both of these restaurants."