Would you rather have Halo 4 or Halo 2 with Halo 4's graphic engine?

#41Nezu ChizaPosted 11/7/2012 2:45:31 AM
2 is the second weakest in the series, beaten only by ODST. Why would we want a bad game with better graphics?
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#42koichiPosted 11/7/2012 3:00:54 AM
We want a good game with better graphics, we want halo 2.
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#43rct two rules 3Posted 11/7/2012 3:36:46 AM
Anyone who says Halo 4 is bad at Halo.
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#44overdose2112Posted 11/7/2012 3:41:03 AM
Halo 2 please!!!!!!! that game wins!

It was simple, not all call of duty-like..It also had the best competition.

And p.s. Whoever thinks H4's campaign is better than H2's is insane!!! H4's was just plain dull.
#45gOwCoD4Posted 11/7/2012 3:41:55 AM
rct two rules 3 posted...
Anyone who says Halo 4 is bad at Halo.

Anyone who says Halo 4 is bad clearly hasn't played Halo 4.
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