What SR rank is everyone at so far?

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4 years ago#141
I thought you prestige after SR-50?

I'm SR-38 currently.
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4 years ago#142
I don't care.
4 years ago#143
Currently 56 but....saw a SR-68 today is this real life? Had to have the game early wtf..
4 years ago#144
41 I reached the dreaded cap today. King of the Hill gives a lot of points and in a pretty short amount of time with the right teammates. Used double xp from mid 39-41, really wish I wouldn't have though, Damn xp cap.
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Tmo U.S. Galaxy
4 years ago#145
No double Xp
4 years ago#146

lol wow i feel like a no-life.

i do have double xp though :/
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4 years ago#147
Halo 4 is out and I am loving it
4 years ago#148
55. Wetwork
4 years ago#149
t( '-' )z
4 years ago#150
26 no double XP - cos im in uk :-(
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