What SR rank is everyone at so far?

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4 years ago#81
SR 11 (no 2 xp). I only got the game yesterday afternoon. I'm really going to dig into the MP after I finish my solo legendary campaign.
4 years ago#82
I'm at SR-28, no double XP.
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4 years ago#83
From: BloodBurger1
Just hit 20. Loving it.
4 years ago#84
http://i.imgur.com/LLmzg.jpg http://i.imgur.com/suyeS.jpg
4 years ago#85
39 half way to 40. Will play later and hit the xp cap. Again.
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4 years ago#86
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4 years ago#87
23 now
4 years ago#88
17 here. Will probably go up a bit later today, though.
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4 years ago#89
just hit 30
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4 years ago#90
Just hit 34

Fun note: Got down to only 192 turret kills left to unlock the Enforcer armor, only to see it pop up as a level unlock later. I sighed...
Guess I'll just get it earlier at this rate.
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  3. What SR rank is everyone at so far?

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