Does anyone know how to unlock the raider helmets avatar awards

#1jpraelsterPosted 11/7/2012 1:41:11 PM
for halo waypoint
#2ArkhanoidPosted 11/7/2012 1:45:24 PM
#3jpraelster(Topic Creator)Posted 11/7/2012 1:47:04 PM
Can you explain it cause the descriptions suck
#4dragnhuntr666Posted 11/7/2012 1:49:01 PM
better question, What is the code to unlock the Raider helmet? Or is it different every time?
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#5jpraelster(Topic Creator)Posted 11/7/2012 3:38:58 PM
#6hylianslayerPosted 11/7/2012 8:32:22 PM
i would like to know as well
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