I'm so sad right now...(Scammer warning)

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NSTRIDENT posted...
cabcalloway1983 posted...
Who wants to bet that its Katosu that just got scammed by TC using his sympathy against him?

Wow, I don't think I could ever go that low. Here's proof of the whole transaction.


I really hope you are being truthful but its not without possibility that two seperate accounts could PM each other.

At this point it really does not matter what is going on,if you were scammed i am glad you got some help from a decent person.In the future do not trade with anyone else.
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NSTRIDENT posted...
Thanks guys that really helps somewhat. Yeah I checked his Karma and it seemed good. He even has Christ related stuff on his sig.

Here's the original post:


What he had in his signature was a joke. It wasn't a real quote.

Also, some of the most evil things done on this planet have been done by men who claim they work for Christ.
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This thread turned out fairly awesome. The internet isn't full of evil people lol
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LoMNOMNOMDeer? He's a fool. You should eat him.
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Smackdowner1 posted...
100% serious.

Granted, I wouldn't screw someone out of something with monetary value but that doesn't mean I'm a nice guy.

GameFAQs changed me.

Been here just as long. Here on Gfaqs everyone likes to think Karma means something. It's posted on here like people actually care, but they will just jump the bandwagon not giving two **** about it. At least for the past damn 9 years I've been on here it seems like it!

Gfaqs has changed me as well. A long long long time ago though, let's just say when I didn't punctuate correctly. Some person add'd me on AIM and decided to give me a crash course in English. Haha!
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From: MelodicFire | #042
Gentlemen, I've been on GameFaqs for a long time, and never post, but I just had to say what Katosu just did is the most wonderful thing i've ever seen on this site.

While few and far between, there are good people around here.

Aside from Detroit's charity donations on CE, this.
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That other guy should still get banned from Halo 4, does anyone know his gamertag?

Edit: FOUND IT! Some Google magic of searchign his username broguht me here:
Had to check a few threads, his GT is MaximumDeer.
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Katosu posted...
Please check your inbox, TC.

This is fantastic! Well done Katosu. It's great to see things like this, and see there ARE some decent people left on this planet.
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NSTRIDENT posted...
Yeah I checked his Karma and it seemed good. He even has Christ related stuff on his sig.

The Christian related stuff would've immediately thrown up a flag to me that he was a deceitful, backstabbing tool.
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NSTRIDENT posted...

Reading that was painful D:
^ Proof that there are still good men in the world ^_^