In honor of Katosu's generosity.,

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4 years ago#11
"Apparently the phrase "mile high club" equals sex to some and COD to others lol" -wretchedsmurf
4 years ago#12
18. I guess
4 years ago#13
xbox live: Demonfire14xX
4 years ago#14
HG FC: 3309 6789 1441 | Pearl FC: 3094 5741 1016 | White FC: 2537 3037 9921
Gamertag: Red Frame4
4 years ago#15
GT: Halllelujah ( No I'm not religus I watch too much anime :P ) (O_\) mewmew!
Sorry about the typos, I'm in my Gundam!
4 years ago#16
I pick the last two numbers in my timestamp
this guy I_dont_die is trolling around this message board talking trash - ZEERO_04
4 years ago#17
Last game played in 2007 was Halo3.
4 years ago#18
LoMNOMNOMDeer posted...

This is the guy that scammed the other guy out of his season pass
PS : SlootSlayer11
GT: SlootSlayer11
4 years ago#19
"You add a plus douchebag to a minus douchebag, you've got like.. zero douchebags."
4 years ago#20
Yeah lol He won't be getting even if he guessed right which he didn't.. Continue on!
xbox 360 GT: BTP x Snipez
PSN ID: Kiono187
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