my mom got me resident evil 6 instead of halo

#41nativenginePosted 11/9/2012 5:52:31 PM
Simply say

"I'm glad I ruined your vajayjay"
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I like ur mom.
#43SeedPlantHerbPosted 11/9/2012 5:57:02 PM
Stop being a wuss man, your mum wont be mad at you for saying 'you picked the wrong game', but next time make it more obvious as to what you want to get for your birthday/ Christmas.. she ain't a mind reader y'know!
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I dunno, she bought you Resident she trying to send a message to you?
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tell her it's her fault that you're into latino men and then hand her a picture of you rubbing a dude's manhood. works every time.
you just got Affleck'd
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tell her your not 18 yet and you not allowed to play RE6, but you heard this cool game halo 4 is pg13 and you can handle that.
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I asked my dad for Borderlands 2 for my birthday a week ago. I believe he's gonna get me either weights or vitamins.
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Tell your mum that the game has a faulty disk and say that you'll exchange it for a different game, AKA Halo 4.
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OvieCanucksFan posted...
Kill her.

This made me laugh
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