Trading my 4 extra GameStop Pre-Order Codes

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4 years ago#11
I'm guessing you wouldn't want a 14 day trial now would you. Got nothing to trade unfortunately. In need of the forest skin but alas....never mind. good hunting.
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4 years ago#12
Duelist_Master posted...
ArcXenos posted...
Duelist_Master posted...
ArcXenos posted...
What are the gamestop codes ?

HAZOP Forest Armor
Arctic BR Skin
Ghost Avatar Prop
War Games Haven Premium Theme

Do you want emblems ?

As long as they're not the 3 GameStop Emblems (Assassin, Bonebreaker, and Mjolnir) then that's the best offer yet.

ah damn , looks like I am out of luck , didn't know Mjolnir was from gamestop too.

Well I got a female avatar armor code from the LE and that is about it .
4 years ago#13
Nah, I don't want or need any 14-day trials.

And yeah, sorry ArcXenos, my avatar's a male.
4 years ago#14
I will give you $80
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4 years ago#15
^ seems legit
4 years ago#16
How about you just give me your damn GameStop pre-order codes before I beat you up for them PLUS take your lunch money?

But in reality, GameStop screwed me on my supposed "pre-order bonuses" and I'm just internalizing my rage from that and unleashing back it on you.


P.S. I'll PayPal you a dollar.
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4 years ago#17
If the offer is still good , I got a circuit armor skin for the hazop forest
4 years ago#18
I want some sort of DLC code... Preferrably a pre-order code.
4 years ago#19
ArcXenos, I sent you a PM.
4 years ago#20
Hey I'm willing to trade just pm me my gamertag is AbradantDragon
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