what maps you WANT to see back

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User Info: OnionJack605

4 years ago#11
There's a lot of hate for Waterworks but it was always my favorite...
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User Info: StaticPenguin

4 years ago#12
tubb311 posted...
Boarding Action

This. This x 1,000,000
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User Info: Ninseph

4 years ago#13
Turf, Terminal and Lockout. Any other would be a plus.
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User Info: DirtBasedSoap

4 years ago#14
Guardian, The Pit, Lockout, Sidewinder/Avalanche, Boarding Action, Terminal, and Forge World.
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User Info: zhilo3

4 years ago#15
Headlong and Sandtrap. I like my BTB.
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User Info: Marcx629

4 years ago#16
Blood Gulch, the cage, pretty much all of the forge world maps+forge world itself. Does Halo 4 even have a dedicated map for forge?
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User Info: Th4tOneDud3

4 years ago#17
So many! Pretty much every single Halo 2 map.

Lockout, terminal, headlong, ascension, ivory tower, the pit. Hell, even foundation. Damn, just throw in all Halo 2 maps!!!! I forgot the name, but Halo 2 had a great snow one that came out in one of the DLC packages. It was huge. What was it?

I'm a huge 1 flag CTF fan, so any map that it worked well on excites me so much.

If I had to pick just one, I'd say headlong. CTF and assault were just too perfect on that map.

User Info: jakisthe

4 years ago#18
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User Info: GhostMaker1988

4 years ago#19

User Info: lokiv

4 years ago#20
Shrug. I don't care because the maps are so bad for 4v4 that I'm turning it in.

I was just hoping for better then Reach and I find I enjoy them a lot less. I'll try again with Halo 5.
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