what maps you WANT to see back

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User Info: HepatitisZed

4 years ago#21
Backwash for life

User Info: lokiv

4 years ago#22
Sanctuary and Snowbound would be a start, I guess.

User Info: Grimno

4 years ago#23
Danger Canyon!
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User Info: Triikz

4 years ago#24
mike468 posted...
Ascension, Lockout and Midship.
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User Info: enrique333

4 years ago#25
Waterworks, Burial Mounds and Desolation. All from Halo 2. Darn it, those maps hold some great memories for me.
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User Info: alifbaa

4 years ago#26

User Info: madzombielord

4 years ago#27
Foundry, forge world, high ground and sandtrap if they bring back elephants

User Info: TPZmikez

4 years ago#28
Gridlock, Canals, War Machine, Mansion
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User Info: ramzariot

4 years ago#29
Good to see no sword base. Can't be bothered playing that 10 times in a row.
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User Info: redeadlink

4 years ago#30

Zanzibar/Last Resort

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