what maps you WANT to see back

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4 years ago#31
Guardian, Lockout, Ascension, Narrows, Midship, Beaver Creek, The Pit, Warlock, Sanctuary, Construct, Hang 'Em High, Ivory Tower, and Blood Gulch.

My dream Halo.

TPZmikez posted...
Gridlock, Canals, War Machine, Mansion

Sickest OG 360 game. Too bad the new ones are trash.

Also, Pinnacle and Nerve Center <3
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4 years ago#32
Hang 'Em High
4 years ago#33
Bloodmoon77 posted...
Zanzibar, midship, and blackout.

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4 years ago#34
Ascension, and Ivory Tower would be great.

I am warming to these new maps though. I feel that within a month or so people will stop wishing that loads of the old maps were back.
4 years ago#35
From: mike468 | #006
Ascension, Lockout and Midship.
:D.... :/.... D:... D':
4 years ago#36
Blood Gulch.

I need to find out what Church is up to.
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4 years ago#37
Shame on you all for not mentioning Vahalla.
4 years ago#38
pretty much everything from Halo 2.
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4 years ago#39
Hang em High
Beaver Creek
The Pit

Most wanted would be Lockout, Midship, Prisoner, Sanctuary in that order
4 years ago#40
Waterworks, headlong, Zanzibar , relic....I just wanna play halo 2 online
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