Name one thing that Reach did better...

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Screw loadouts. I want to fight for my weapons! That's what Halo has been all about for the past 11 years. And come on now...
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Absolutely nothing. Reach isn't even a Halo game.

Last time I checked it was HALO reach

I'll give you 3 guesses as to which game didn't have a Halo ring, whereas every other one did.

This one :-)
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The Jetpack.

That's IT!

Oh and I think Evade is cooler than Thruster Pack, but overall I don't use Jetpack often, in Reach or Halo 4, and I stopped caring about Evade once I stopped playing Reach.

Reach was awful, just awful. Remember guys, this is an OPINION.
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I dunno if its been mentioned already, but Reach had more open spaces in the campaign. Halo 4 only seems to have them in Spartan Ops.
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There are a bunch of features Reach bad that are gone, and should be in (right stick to navigate scoreboard, fine adjustment in Forge, etc.), yeah. Definitely trumped by Halo 4 on the whole, though. Imo.
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But that's not saying much.

I saw someone say the UI was better in Reach. I've heard this before and I disagree. Maybe its because I'm new, but Reach had like, a bajillion game modes... And doesn't bother to explain any of them to you. That IMO is a fail of an interface right there.
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I'm surprised no one said this.

The commendations.
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Menus were easier to navigate.

Firefight. Seriously. Where did this go? SPOPs doesn't count.

Lack of perks.

Online wasn't nearly as laggy for me.

I also thought the design of the armor was more interesting or functional looking. The armor in this game has a very anime look to it.

I also found the campaign to be much more fun to play. We didn't have the "player is the legendary guy that never loses" thing going for us.
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I miss the old, colorful world.