C/D: The worst multi of any Halo game.

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TC has a 1.28 in Slayer, this topic is pointless.

It's the scammer

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Bump for actual Halo fans
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D. This is the best MP since Halo 2. Nothing is worse than Reach!
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Played every Halo thats been out, huge halo fan and I say definitely Deny. The MP is amazing, so much fun.
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I don't know about worst, but most inconsistent definitely.

I'm getting really tired of getting obvious, clear cut headshots on guys with no shield and they don't die.

Or the guy with no shields that stood right on top of my grenade and lived and then I died from his that I was 5 feet above and had 3/4 shields.

Explosives perk, bro. More grenade radius plus resistance to other peoples' grenades
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Get over it and stop playing if it's affecting your mood so much.
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From: RMPCobra | #176
Get over it and stop playing if it's affecting your mood so much.

I am an entitled gamer, I wait years for a new Halo game and I get this casual s***.