C/D: The worst multi of any Halo game.

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SnarfMySnarf posted...
From: HybridSnake | #002

You must really like the game breaking ordnance drops and starting with stickies and plasma pistols LOL

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worst mp rightfully belongs to vanilla reach
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D I'm enjoying this hugely it just doesn't feel as broken as Reach did and this is coming from someone who enjoyed Reach
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So many D's

Backfired topic has backfired.
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And your name is SnarfMySnarf. Go away
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C, seriously, I dont get whats so fun about shooting at each other from opposite ends of a map with a dmr
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Thanks to the guy who blabbed on my old one
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D, and i'm not even much of a fan of Halo anymore. Played the campaign, it was great, and I plan on quitting once my fourteen days are up.
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From: JBaLLEN66 | #026
C, seriously, I dont get whats so fun about shooting at each other from opposite ends of a map with a dmr

This guy gets it. Everyone who says D has yet to say why they like it other than


And ordnance drops break BTB and Team Slayer. Power weapons don't belong in every single person's hands.
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ketnerj posted...
There's nothing worse than Reach.


The game feels like H3 and i love it so much
i'm excited for customs in h4