Halo 4 just proves that if you actually take time making a game it's really good

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dillydadally posted...
Brandonkillen22 posted...
Am I the only one who enjoys them both??

No Brandonkillen22, you're not. In fact, we are by FAR the majority. We're just afraid to say anything amidst the very vocal, very trollish minority.

I am excited though to actually play an FPS that feels both polished and fresh. Although I love me both some CoD and Halo, it's been a while since a game has really felt this... not stale.

Whats with this "very vocal minority" that everyone keeps labeling every time there is discord?! I had to read that a million times during the ME fiasco. People need to stop assuming they have any statistics on a fan base no one will ever see.

I have nothing really against cod. I'm not a fan, but I don't bring it up either, I just came to complain about that phrase....
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