If you use automatic weapons, you're terrible.

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What a terrible community and here I thought COD was bad... Oh don't mind me carry on whelps.
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I was horrified to discover I have 1 AR kill on my record. I had every intention to never even pick one up.

I r sad panda.
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ZeroSHEARER posted...
Hey TC are you trying to say this in a kind of way to help people out in the long run or is it a hate for being killed by AR users? I always spawn with an AR because I have always used it as my primary means of killing people due to the fact I'm THAT guy that want the crazy explosions and bullets flying through the air kind of fights (could be because back in Halo 2/3 I was relatively new on the FPS scene. But I feel I try and try with te AR in this one, get annoyed and pull out a DMR and think why don't I always use this. Then the cycle repeats (it's my stubborn ways I think of wanting the AR to work like it always has) I would switch the sprint perk for 2 primary's but as I say I always run to the action so I'm not sure. Thoughts?

If you get familiar with the DMR/BR you will probably do a lot better in your games.
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i've found a lot of situations where in the land of BR , the man with an assault rifle in your face is king.
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yomamma297 posted...
CharityDiary posted...
If you post topics like this, you're in the elitist 15-year-old category that the game obviously caters to, and fail to realize that while the game does cater to elitist BR users, the Assault Rifle does actually have a niche, and if used correctly, can destroy BR and DMR users.

Also, you are why this game's community sucks.

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DMR and AR are my two best weapons, so no.
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You know when the DMR is NOT a good weapon? When you turn a corner and within two meters of you is a guy with the AR.
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bobstevens23123 posted...
iRGush posted...
LoneWolf4545 posted...
I'll keep using the SAW( or whatever the hell it's called) and keep killing people like you.

Hes obviously referring the assault rifle, suppressor and storm rifle.

is the saw not full auto? Or can you pint out what led you to believe he excluded it? Oh there isnt anything? U ASSumed wrong and made an *** of urself

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lderivedx posted...
Yeah TC you're just an elitist 15 year old who can't see that the elitist BR users were catered to by elitist developers who promote an elitist environment by allowing there to be a best weapon for the elitist players to use and hold over the non-elitist player who just play for fun and don't care about the fact that they're not elite until they post on a message board and someone tells them that they're bad, at which point they declare that they are just playing for fun and the elitist players need to do something with their lives and stop being elitist asses to the people who don't care yet are posting about how they don't care and trying really hard to convince the elitist BR users that they have no lives and need to cease the elitism.

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ocelot51 posted...
You know when the DMR is NOT a good weapon? When you turn a corner and within two meters of you is a guy with the AR.

Right, so you should use a weapon with terrible range just in case some idiot player decides to turn a corner without checking it? Sorry, I'm not going to use a terrible weapon just so I can get one or two lucky kills.
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