a Halo 4 update completely ****ed my Xbox.

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4 years ago#1
downloaded an update, turned my xbox off, when i went to turn it on my ENTIRE profile had been deleted, the whole thing, i had to recover it, so whatever i recovered my profile then i start up H4 try to go into infinity and apparently disk 2 isnt installed anymore, even though i obviously had it installed. i tried to install it (again) but apparently i don't have enough room, so when i go to my memory to try and maybe delete the disk 2 stuff to reinstall i find that the ONLY thing in my ENTIRE hard drive is a 60kb campaign save, that is all, there is nothing else, BUT all that space is still filled because my xbox says i only have 18 Mb's of free space.

so an update for H4 basically just locked every part of my hard drive and hid it away from me.

any ideas?
4 years ago#2
Sounds like your HDD is corrupted, nothing to do with the update.

Try to get your data off of it while you can and replace it would be my recommendation.
Gamertag: Squ4rex
4 years ago#3
*wipes brown*
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  3. a Halo 4 update completely ****ed my Xbox.

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