Spartan Ops: So much potential, all of it gone to waste.

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I don't know if I'm in the minority here or not, but I really didn't care for Firefight much. At least not in Reach. It was cool as a survival/fort protection type game in ODST, but it was too arcade-y in Reach for my tastes.

I actually like Spartan Ops. As was said, it is short for the most part, unless played on Legendary alone at least, but it ties into the main story well enough, and I like the objective based design. All they need to do is make the stages a bit longer, and give us more diverse locations in future episodes and it'll be fine.

I'm sure with feedback 343i will make it even better in time.
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Eh, I don't doubt firefight will be added as DLC.
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darren19822000 posted...
i will wait till all the episodes of ch 1 are out before i cry about the story.

and firefight sucked balls. never had a game that wasnt laggy. so bad so that using a dmr was crazy cuz youd just miss form lag

Are you saying Spatan Ops isn't laggy? Because it has just as much input lag off-host as Firefight did.
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