Should They Bring Back "The Pit"

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4 years ago#1
The Pit? - Results (61 votes)
88.52% (54 votes)
8.2% (5 votes)
Other - Listed in Comments
3.28% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Best map ever
4 years ago#2
Darn, someone made a "pit" topic yesterday :/
4 years ago#3
It would be good, but there are many better maps.
GT: Anonymousity
4 years ago#4
Sprint and ordinance would make it kinda hectic.
4 years ago#5
My favorite H3 map.
4 years ago#6
It wouldn't work for Halo 4 at all.
"You can't win a marathon without putting some band-aids on your nipples."
GT: TheyCallMeArjun
4 years ago#7
He Pitt was absolute garbage, Guardian was the best h3 map.
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