Halo 4 in a nutshell...

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User Info: MagustheHagus

4 years ago#1
For all your True Ending needs and other Let's Plays check me out at

User Info: Floated_Bomber

4 years ago#2
I dont get it

User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

4 years ago#3
hologram teabagging leading to assassination = awesome fun =D
Nov 6 - the Reclamation Begins!
Halo 4 - less than one week =O (nvm, got it >_> )

User Info: LoneWolf4545

4 years ago#4
I came in expecting to see a copy of Halo 4 in an actual nutshell. This was a huge let down. Extremely misleading TC. Extremely
Gt: swkids
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