How many people think Halo 4 is the best halo ever?

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If we're talking multiplayer, Halo 2 forever has a special place in my heart and I don't think anything can top it, even if Im probably idealizing it in my memory. Either way, Halo 3 MP let me down and I never really got that into it, and Reach was very good but I didn't absolutely love it. This is the first Halo since 2 that I'm already obsessed with and absolutely love. Definitely still some issues (lack of maps) but its very very good.

You're not. Halo 2 had the best multiplayer balance, gameplay, and maps. Seriously, almost every original halo 2 map has been remade at fan request, and I still miss duel wielding (halo 2 dual wielding when the game was designed around it. Not halo 3 dual wielding when it was treated like a carry over that didn't fit). It's campaign may have been crappy, but the multiplayer on that game is still one of the best in history.

I'm with you guys. I remember putting so many hours into Halo 2's multiplayer. So many classic maps, great balance, and still the best menu system in Halo multiplayer. There was something just a bit off with 3, and Reach never quite felt right either. I'm loving Halo 4's multiplayer, but some faithful remakes of Halo 2 maps would go a long way in solidifying this game.
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CE/ 4 > Reach >> 3 > 2


CE/ 2 > 4 >>>> 3 > Reach

H4 is the best one since H2. 3 and Reach dont come close.
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I agree with the TC and I've also been with Halo since CE
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It's up there... I grew up with Halo. Ever since the first and played through every single one. Not Halo Wars though.

I consider Halo 3 the best.
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Duwstai posted...

CE/ 4 > Reach >> 3 > 2


CE/ 2 > 4 >>>> 3 > Reach

H4 is the best one since H2. 3 and Reach dont come close.

Pretty much agree 100% with this, except I'd put 4's campaign after Reach.
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best since halo 2
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I have also been playing since CE, and still think CE is the best.
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I think this is easily the best halo, tied with CE. I love the MP but I'm speaking mainly about the campaign here. 343 seems to know what made that game great. Weapon sounds being the first fix they made. The assault rifle was amazing in CE not only for how devastating it was but the sound was great. In halo 3 (which I tried to play again before 4) you feel like you're shooting BB's at the covenant.

The other thing is the story. Bungie seems to be clueless as to what made the first great. It was MC and Cortana vs the world basically. All while exploring this mysterious environment. Youre the last hope against this alien race. There was only 1 other important character, Keys. You bond with cortana because of that. 2 kept this going somewhat but the arbiter missions threw it off a bit. Add in an entire space fleet and MC starts to feel like an errand boy for a bunch of other people. 3 of course had almost nothing in the way of MC and cortana, it seemed like Miranda keys was set to fill the spot until you find her, and when you do the game is almost over.

Basically, to sum everything up, playing spartan ops reminds me ALOT of playing the campaign in halo 3 and reach.
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Presentations (story/cutscene)

-4 only thing is it lacked a bit in the OST compared to reach CE and 3. I always hated that 2 had those crappy remixes in general the OST was meh but it did have one of the most pumped up version of the main theme. But it no denying the speeches and coreography in 4 is leagues better.

Campaign (in terms of gameplay and enemy variety in senarios)

Anniversary/CE>2>Halo 4> Reach>3>ODST
-I think it's the elites. They are always the most fun even the knights in 4 suck compared to elites in hay day and halo 3 was soo easy because brutes are such easy and boring enemies. As much as the ending in 2 left to be desired I had a blast and definitely one of the funnest on legendary. Even though elites had ridiculous aim with sticky grenades. Plus scarabs in 2 was awesome first time.


Halo 2>CE>4=3>Reach
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