What Reach map would you like to see in Halo 4?

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User Info: Sikarios

4 years ago#21
I'd like to see Breakpoint again but I guess that'd be too similar to Longbow. Definitely Sword Base and how about Condemned that map could get really crazy sometimes.
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User Info: motosyko21

4 years ago#22
Love Countdown, especially in SWAT

User Info: The_Beanster

4 years ago#23
No Reach maps were good enough to warrant a remake

Maybe some of the DLC maps but I dunno... there's so many better maps from H1/H2/H3 that should be remade first if they're gonna do remakes.

Powerhouse was bad, Spire was bad, and countdown was like a bad version of Construct from H3.
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User Info: AshleyGreene74

4 years ago#24
Only map I wouldn't mind would be Swordbase, the rest....nah.


4 years ago#25
Midship, Ascension, Burial mounds,Waterworks & Colossus. PROPER Halo maps.
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User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#26
None, if I wanted to play a Reach map, I'd play Reach. Same with Halo CE, 2, 3, ODST, and CE Anniversary. I like new maps. Especially if I have to pay to get new maps.
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User Info: Alpha centauri

Alpha centauri
4 years ago#27
I wouldn't mind a new version of blood gulch... but I don't know how fun it would be with all the new toys....
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User Info: sdchi

4 years ago#28
Forge World, if that counts. Reach's maps were terrible, like every single one of them.

User Info: aredd007

4 years ago#29
Hemorrhage and Asphalt

User Info: Evil Ryu919

Evil Ryu919
4 years ago#30
From: SterlingFox | #020
I'd like to see them actually ****ing use ALL of Boneyard and Spire.

Anybody else remember that? How 50% of Boneyard and Spire was completely unused in Reach, with no spawns, vehicles, or weapon drops over there for some reason?

I do remember that now that you mention it
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