Why dont people talk online?

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3 years ago#31
Veliconis posted...
From: GGearX | #028
Veliconis posted...
From: GGearX | #024
Veliconis posted...
Since we're on this subject, I have a question. I know the indicator for someone having their mic plugged in is the normal looking icon, but what is the little chat bubble that some people have? Does that mean they're in a party?

Yep! Your right! It also means that I love you!


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Well...yes. You could be lying to me about your aforementioned characteristics and strangers tend to lie to get someone to trust them.


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3 years ago#32
Reach kind of taught me not to use my mic much outside of party chat, proximity voice just gave too much away. Plus, inevitably the other people with mics are always on the other team, and I never really feel like hearing whatever whiney complaints they always seem to have.
3 years ago#33
Kinect sensor is my mic. Noone online knows though cuz the mic icon doesnt show unless i start talking
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3 years ago#34
People don't use mics like they used to 3-5 or so years ago. Either they don't use mics or they are in party chats. Party chat kind of ruined in game chats
3 years ago#35
they are too busy pwning noobs lol
3 years ago#36
Gencoil posted...
I've noticed that too. And when they do have a mic you only hear faint sounds from them every now and then. What's the point of even using a mic if you're not gonna talk?

Everyone I know are adults and we only use party chat to talk among ourselves. Listening to children shout garbage online is annoying.
3 years ago#37
@GGearX I'll only get in your van if it has a unicorn painted on the side of it with rainbows everywhere. I can't resist rainbows and unicorns.

I don't like candy, however. So, you need to find something else to try and lure me into your deathtrap on wheels.
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3 years ago#38
My friend spilled beer on my mic
3 years ago#39
I stick to party chat, mostly because I do tend to rage at times and I don't want to bother randoms with it.
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3 years ago#40
It's kinda weird not to hear people talking in Halo. I think I've talked with two people since launch.
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