LVL 70 Cap Really?

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User Info: mewilhoward

4 years ago#121
BigCatFive posted...
I have played waaay too much WITH 2x XP and Im only a 58. Get a girlfriend and a job TC.

yea im sure you have a girlfriend when your playing "waaay" to much.

User Info: shadowknight93

4 years ago#122
Pandemonia01 posted...
jenova posted...
Hey, remember when gaining a single level was a big deal and it didn't happen very often? No? You're a little kid who never played a non-jRPG or a game influenced by them?

Sad, bro. Unfetch.

I remember running in circles and mashing the attack button to grind a few levels. THAT SURE WAS FUN. /suicide

*remembers* *sobs*
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