If you are genuinely good at this game look inside this topic. Need good players

#31LordofHuntersPosted 11/16/2012 4:40:31 AM
Kd isnt amazing but thats mainly due to me being a huge team player and 9 times out of 10 getting double digit assists per game.
Always have a mic handy and i use constant comms.

GT is Azure0Soul

The middle is a zero
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shadowknight93 posted...

You don't want to play with this guy. Sure he may be good, but look at the way he acts. This is the kind of guy that if you took a weapon that he wanted he would kill you just to get it. He doesn't care about teamwork, only cares about his K/D ratio. And if he thinks you messed it up, he will hunt you down and b**** at you about it. You would be much better off giving the other two guys a chance, sure that may lose a lot but they won't blame you for it.

lmao best post of h4gb yet
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I am so good at this game
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