What's Your K/D?

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4 years ago#1
My K/D is .81 But I just play for enjoyment and love getting into the furballs and cause chaos.

What's yours? And is it that important?
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GT: dragnridr
4 years ago#2

Not particularly important, no.
Xbox 360 GT: evilc100
4 years ago#3
Just a taaaaad bit below 2. 1.9-something.
4 years ago#4
2.22. It's important to me
GT: Thumtac
I am the sole voice of reason
4 years ago#5
"That's a shame. You just stepped... on a non-negotiable, big-ass ****ing landmine"
GT: aShiny Alakazam
4 years ago#6
1.37 - k/d isn't important, win/lost is more important to me, and I still only have a 1.21
4 years ago#7
Mine was 1.64 as of a few hours ago, but after a stretch of HORRENDOUS Big Team Battles, it has dropped to 1.52.....

Gamertag: Demigod Tyek
4 years ago#8
Mines like a 1.8 or something

I need more friends who are good!
gamertag -PuZzLeDx0ut
This is GameFAQs - you never play well, the other team just sucks from time to time.
4 years ago#9
3.33, but I've only played about 15 games or so. Game just isn't that good.
GT: Makes It Rayne
"Incendite tenebras mundi" - "Liberi Fatali"
4 years ago#10
k/d- 1.337
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