Infinity Slayer is the biggest piece of crap in the whole series

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faxmachne posted...
I disagree

/end topic

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I believe the change from load outs had a huge impact on halo slayer (and for this, I'll post the negatives) but promethean vision on a game type where everyone has radars is stupid (if it was slayer pro, I can see your frustrations, but it's not...). Within everything that is wrong with infinity slayer compared to the older slayer games, you avoid posting the real problems -_-

1) Camping is HIGHLY encouraged, when the power weapon comes to you, there is no need to run out in the middle of the map where everyone can shoot you for the rocket. This also started because the DMR is so good but we spawn with it.

2) Ordnance is random (you sorta got this right...). It just adds unbalance in the game type, like sometimes, the ordanance can really suck (...I once got plasma grenades, pulse grenades, and speed boost...) but the other team gets really good ordanance.

3) This is more with what's wrong with your post instead of what's wrong with slayer... You know promethean vision reveals his location too? although that usually doesn't matter since he'll appear on the radar >_<
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Promethian vision really isn't that great.. do you just squat around all game? Otherwise they'd see you on the radar anyway
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