ITT: What you think is the worst map in the game.

#61sharksfan7Posted 11/18/2012 10:40:52 AM
The maps are pretty bad in this game overall. Very interesting to me that so many people hate Complex though...that's one of my favorite maps. The only maps I can stand anymore are Complex, Exile, Meltdown and Vortex. I used to like Ragnarok but it comes up almost every time I play BTB or CTF, so I'm sick of it. Haven, Solace and Abandon are particularly awful.
#62mudkip72Posted 11/18/2012 10:54:53 AM
Complex. Too many high roofs combined with all the open space is bad.
#63MoeLester518Posted 11/18/2012 11:01:43 AM
Complex is awful for 4v 4 slayer but I do like it for SWAT and objective game types. Overall I'd say abandoned. It has an awful flow to it.
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#64DrkVrtxPosted 11/18/2012 11:15:39 AM
Complex is hilariously bad for Flood. First time I got this map in that playlist, I naturally ran for an elevated area and found pretty much everyone else going for the roofs to. Suffice to say we stood there and took casual potshots at the two poor flood scurrying around at ground level.
#65xxBloodBathxxPosted 11/18/2012 11:17:02 AM
Complex, by an extremely wide margin
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#66blackhrtPosted 11/18/2012 11:26:19 AM
large maps where I can't keep some level of consistent support for my teammates even in a warthog is what I hate. Maps like valhalla are like this. Is Complex like that then yes Complex is bad too.
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#67sonicteam2k1Posted 11/18/2012 11:37:49 AM(edited)
Urdnot_Runt posted...

this then Haven
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#68daedricdeath121Posted 11/18/2012 11:38:13 AM
Playing complex on swat was a terrible experience, maybe because I refused to use the DMR lol.
#69deathmyrkPosted 11/18/2012 11:40:23 AM
WHAT?????? Complex is my favorite map because it's so spacious and a lot of room/access ways to add complexity to the game.
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#70deathmyrkPosted 11/18/2012 11:41:06 AM
I'll agree with Haven.
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