Is anyone else tired of having their kills stolen?

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Stop being ****ing terrible.

If you see an enemy that you can damage and don't do it because you don't want to "steal" a kill you shouldn't even be playing the game. It's a team effort. Team shot is the number one thing in the game. Stop being such a stat whore fool.
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From: help1 | #004
They literally give assists just for looking at the opponent your teammate is killing

now I like you, help1 (hi btw), but that's plain bull.
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I love when people cry if I happen to kill a dude they also put a bullet on. I wonder how hard they would cry if we're in a 2-on-1 situation with the advantage yet I stand back and watch him get murdered simply because I didn't want to steal his kill.
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I dont really care anymore. A kill is a kill and 1 step closer to a win. There are tons of times I play "janitor" anyways. Deal with it
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JRS511 posted...
Halo3GAMEFREAK posted...
JRS511 posted...
I shoot every enemy I see. I do not have time to see who else is shooting at them. All it takes is one second of hesitation to lead to my own death. Quit being so childish. People in Gears used to all wait so someone could get "their" kill which a lot of times leads to a teammate dieing.

Uh, who said anything about hesitation: Does it take you that long to read "so-and-so killed so-and-so?"

If it says so and so killed so and so then it means they are already dead and it doesnt matter. I mean if I see someone whos shields have dropped I am still going to shoot at them without hesitation. What if I dont and the original guy shooting at him gets killed then the enemy gets away because I did not want to "steal" a kill.

I misunderstood your post, sorry about that. Those kind of scenarios are understandable, though still annoying. I'm talking about cases where you go into the battle zone, with your teammate hiding behind you - thinking they got your back - and they won't fire off a shot until most of the work has been done.
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If you're playing a team game and you're more worried about having kills stolen than winning, then you're in the wrong playlist and need to rethink your obsession with fictitious video game numbers. In team based shooters, there's no killing stealing ever.

As for Yoinks, assassinations are slower than regular beat downs and doing one just slows yourself down and leaves you open to retaliation. I don't blame a teammate for Yoinking you in that situation. It's a show off move, so are yoinks, but yoinks wouldn't exist without the flashy, pointless assassinations. Furthermore, if you're rocking the ability to make assassinations faster, you're wasting a slot and need to check your priorities.

Edit: What happens if you lose your battle and your teammate didn't help you shoot because he didnt want to steal your kill? You're gonna blame him for being a bad teammate and not helping aren't you. Always be shooting. /Topic
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RanmaRanma posted...
Edit: What happens if you lose your battle and your teammate didn't help you shoot because he didnt want to steal your kill? You're gonna blame him for being a bad teammate and not helping aren't you. Always be shooting. /Topic

There's an equal opportunity of gaining a kill when two people shoot at the same enemy, at the same time: that's the difference. The only reason someone wouldn't help a teammate kill an enemy is because they don't want THEIR kill to be stolen, not because they're afraid of taking yours.
(My reaction to stolen kills)
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Orange_Apple posted...
As long as I didn't die, I couldn't care less if my kill was stolen. A win is a win.

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I'm going to concede on that point, namely because I don't comprehend your point. Yes, I'm sure it's plain as day and I the fool, but alas, I will decline further comment.

What I want to address is your nonsensical tirade against kill stealing. Rather than focus upon the second portion of my prior post, pick your brain upon the former argument. Kill stealing is not always devious. In fact, many such situations are the direct result of what many players call "team shooting." Team shooting in a team focused playlist should be the norm.

I reaffirm that you should reevaluate your priorities in regards to team based playlists and reassess your clearly mislead way of thinking. That is all.
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So if you see a teammate in a firefight do you leave them alone to get "their kill". If so, I wouldn't want you as a teammate.

I'm sure you've gotten 100's of kills that other people have done damage to. Do you stop and go "gee I'm just a dirty killstealer" or do you just assume it was your mad skill and your K:D is the best and everyone should get out of your way.

Most players online only care about their own personal game and anyone worried about their kills getting "stolen" falls in that category.