second best FPS on xbox 360..?

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I'm gonna say the best shooter is BF3. I love Halo and Halo 4 is great. Black ops 2 is fun (mostly because of zombies) but CoD in general is going downhill. But BF3 is the all round "best" in my opinion. It consists of a perfect balance or tactics, teamwork and some good ole running and gunning. As much as I love halo I think it get second cause its jut a fun game to play. CoD, is just mindless running and gunning, no thinking what so ever. Only thing keeping them alive for me is zombies which is hours of fun but other than that it sucks
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Go back under your bridge....

and play CoD.

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chickenwax posted...
JohnWall32 posted...
the people have spoken and you can't argue with the majority...COD is king of all shooters...this thread is about the second best shooter on the console...Halo or Gears?

Sales do not equal best/worst.

Is Avengers the best film ever made?

Is Walmart the best store ever made?

Yes to both questions
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i never understood the hating for cod until now.
black ops 2 is the most dissapointing cod to date.
i always enjoyed the campaign of every title but this one is just plain boring.
they tried to make it all emotional but it backfired in my opinion. it had some good parts but overall its just plain forgetable

grapics are still crappy. it still looks like modern warfare 2 or black ops 1.
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One thing I liked about BO2's campaign was that it allowed you to bring in custom loadouts and gun choices, perks, attachments, grenade selection, etc., however you wanted when going into a mission. It's still rather bland though.
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VladIIITepes posted...
Topic title says FPS

You give us choice between Gears or Halo.....

Gears....fps? What!?

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NovaLevossida posted...
wesker741 posted...
Halo is better than CoD, sorry. </thread>

Not anymore. It's trying so hard to be CoD now that it's becoming the same old crap instead of the FPS you'd play to get away from all of that.

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You can't actually say CoD is the more popular 360 shooter as opposed to Halo without looking at the 360 sales numbers ONLY. Pairing an exclusive game vs. A platform wide game is completely ridiculous. So until someone finds day one sales numbers for xbox360 CoD:Blops 2 It is completely a matter of opinion and no majority rule.
Personally I much prefer Halo over CoD.
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JohnWall32 posted...
VladIIITepes posted...
Topic title says FPS

You give us choice between Gears or Halo.....

Gears....fps? What!?

thread title is clearly a the op...i said all shooters more than vote

No, your dumb troll topics are getting old.
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Halo 4 hands down I'm a sci if junkie and I love fps games so it feeds my inner nerd.
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