Trading 3200 MS points for FOTUS in-game armor code!

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Yeah, I can provide personal proof as well, and I do have a Fotus armor code, I have that and both avatar codes, even the emblem still. But there's no way I'd be giving you my code first. I've read and seen too many stupid lame scams that way. I was trying to trade it for the war map pack, then the guy quit responding, pretty glad I didn't "just give" him the code, like everyone asks.
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Duwstai posted...
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I'm trading $40 for an armor skin. $90 just screams no-life. And FOTUS being more valuable? Hilarious. MS points are pretty much actual currency. FOTUS? An in-game armor skin. Please make me laugh more, kiddo.

You dont understand real life do you, kid?

All that matters is what people are willing to pay. That is value.

Your offer pales in comparison to what those "no lifes" will pay.

So again, why would anyone trade you with you when they can go on ebay and get more than double?

This, regardless of what value you put on it, do you think anyone with fotus is going to care that its a "no lifer" buying it for 90 as opposed to tc who apparently is a cool dude since he's only willing to pay 40
Seriously, who farted?
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Op loves to caress the gentlemans area!
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TC seems trustworthy.
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xxxjakob999xxx posted...
Op loves to caress the gentlemans area!

On the topic Fotus
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Mine, cheers maaaaaaan.

Better luck next time slow folk.
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You won't be able to get the FOTUS armor for that amount of MS. People are paying over 80$ on ebay to get it