How are some guns great in the campaign but awful in MP?

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supervegito24 posted...

And also, what happened to the other brute weapons in the multiplayer, and the brutes in single player? I don't remember anything from Glasslands about brutes, but they were a great addition to the game and should have made a return.

I like to play on Halos version of close quarter combat i.e Infinity slayer lol.

I use the Suppressor alot and have to say that this weapon seriously needs a damage buff in MP. I can handle the extremely limited range but the damage levels need revising.

On the other end of the scale we have the DMR which is basically a handheld nuke which can seemingly take out enemies at all types of ranges.

If they are going to put a weapon in a game then at least make it somewhat viable.
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The balancing between weapons is much better in this game than in previous ones, yet there is still rampant crying about the DMR.
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im not sure what game you are playing but those guns are definitely not good in campaign

i mean theyre useful because its ****ing campaign, the enemy is stupid. but the DMR/BR/etc are, always, all way better than the guns you listed
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all way better
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