How much bigger were the maps in previous Halo games?

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I like the variety of the maps in Halo 4 save for a couple. I really don't have a problem with the map size. All I asked was for comparisons. I guess that's what I get for being curious...

BTW, I really haven't played many CoDs, just World at War and I thought the multiplayer blew chunks.

I do prefer bigger maps for vehicular combat, but I prefer medium size as long as the environment is open for multiple tactics.
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Lol at the people complaining about big maps. Make it less obvious you're from CoD.

Blood Gulch is the most popular map in the series and it's basically a wide open field. Sidewinder is a giant snowfield with plenty of great spots for fights to break out. Sandtrap is moving base to base combat and can be incredibly intense. The best maps in the series are the large ones because you get a great mix of everything that makes Halo great: Tight combat, vehicles, offense and defense, long range, etc.

If you want small maps where every time you turn a corner and run into someone or have people on the enemy team outright spawn on top of you, you're playing the wrong series.

Blood Gulch and Sidewinder.

2 maps in CE. A game that was filled with awesome small and medium sized maps. Prisoner, Hang Em High, Battle Creek, Chill Out, and many more.

Lol at trying to demean people by saying their CoD players when you dont even know the basics of Halo.

Halo always had primarily small to medium maps with a couple big ones. Now its the exact opposite because they are trying to cash in on the casual CoD crowd. Funny how you brought that up, and funny how it actually brings down your own stance.