Just had my best game. What's yours?

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User Info: vice_dragon

4 years ago#11

37/1 died towards the beginning so i got an invincible.
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User Info: BigCatFive

4 years ago#12
41-3 best spread
22-0 best KD
23-3 SWAT

All Halo 4.

In Reach I went 64-0 in a banshee for best game ever.

User Info: steerepike

4 years ago#13
35-3 on exile. 27 of those kills were from one run on the Gauss-Hog for my first and only untouchable medal ever. We had a guy with a rocket launcher jump in the passenger seat. He got four rocket kills and two carbine kills. It was a death wagon.
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User Info: SilentOcelot

4 years ago#14
28-0 is my best
my second is 25-0

User Info: kolorg

4 years ago#15
41-3 in BTS so far.

User Info: XImperialDragon

4 years ago#16
37-6-6 with 65 medals on Meltdown. It was my first time getting the Mantis, lol
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User Info: MrFish86

4 years ago#17
BansheeNTDmode posted...
58-3 bts ragnarok
68 medals
Wut wut

I went 57-3 on Ragnarock. You beat me by 1 kill! lol

User Info: Demigod_Tyek

4 years ago#18
My very first Infinity Slayer game I went 17-1 on Complex. Have never been able to do that again in Slayer. I can get that high up in kills, but usually with more than 1 death.

And then I also played a Big Team Infinity Slayer on Ragnarok a few days ago where I went 21-0. Kept getting sniper rifle ammo and/or Beam and Binary Rifles in Ordinances, and they just couldn't lay a finger on me.
Gamertag: Demigod Tyek

User Info: haloiscoolisbak

4 years ago#19
29-4 in Exile

5 vehicle kills without getting in a vehicle myself, pretty proud of that

User Info: ShaunageAU

4 years ago#20
38-5 on Adrift Team Slayer, without any of my team leaving.
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