I just noticed... Spartan 3s have a shield AND health... S 2s and 4s do not...

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  3. I just noticed... Spartan 3s have a shield AND health... S 2s and 4s do not...
3 years ago#21
SII's >>>IV >>> III.

II's started training when they were kids and was more dangerous to augment them.

III's are kinda like the mass produced rushed copies and IV's are handpicked best of the best Soldiers from the Marines or ODST's.
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3 years ago#22
From: GGearX | #019
Kwajdelta posted...
GGearX posted...
DarthTempus posted...
GGearX posted...
Care to actually answer? I guess I'm right then since you didn't explain a thing... good job broski

Semi-Powered Infiltration Armor, colloquially called "SPI Armor", is a powered armor system used by the SPARTAN-IIIs. Though far more advanced and far more powerful than the ODST combat suit, it is less advanced and less powerful than the MJOLNIR armor used by the SPARTAN-IIs. Its main benefit was that it is drastically cheaper to produce than the MJOLNIR armor.
This armor is designed with an emphasis on stealth rather than raw power. It features photo-reactive panels that mimic the surrounding textures which were developed by UNSC scientists. It has been described as "part legionnaire mail, part tactical body armor, and part chameleon." It lacks the energy shielding of the Mark V and VI MJOLNIR armor designs, and a single "splash" from an enemy plasma weapon melts the suit's photo-reactive panels, rendering its camouflage capabilities useless.


Then why do the S3s have shielding then in halo reach? Someone told me the books arent canonical ... no point in using those in an argument.

.... i luv u broski

He answered your question, what more do you want? If you aren't going to accept the answer given then what is the point of asking?

It says S3s do NOT have shields.... I have no idea what you are commenting on...

The S3's in Reach aren't wearing SPI Armor, they're wearing Mjolnir Mark V variants, just like MC had in Halo CE. In both of those games they have shields and health. Most S3's (the ones talked about in the books) wore SPI Armor, which had no energy shields, because they were generally mass-produced for suicide missions against huge targets.

Also, whoever told you the books were non-canonical lied. In Bungie's own words, "the games come first (retcons) but the books are canon." They've been saying that since The Fall of Reach novel came out, which was about a week before Halo CE came out. Google and wiki's are your friend.

TC, you strike me as a troll, but not a very good one at all. If you're interested, I can link to you some sites that actually show some really effective trolling methods that are actually quite funny, and not full of your fail.
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  3. I just noticed... Spartan 3s have a shield AND health... S 2s and 4s do not...

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