What kind of kills give you the most satisfaction?

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User Info: Swiftelf

4 years ago#41
Assanations, especially flagssanations. Also mongoose splatters.

User Info: iRGush

4 years ago#42
the kind where 343 gives me 50 points to make me feel all fuzzy inside
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User Info: TheCongo

4 years ago#43

I must be in the Top 100 at least.

User Info: JJ_Wheezy

4 years ago#44
Assassinations, Hail Marry, and my most recent discovery, Smooth Moves which is a triple kill with the oddball.

User Info: Kage-No_Kaze

4 years ago#45
I actually got a Pulse Grenade double kill from the grave yesterday using that, managed to weaken them both with the AR and got it off right before I went down

User Info: jesse_skater

4 years ago#46
Hail Mary nades!
XBL: Jesse I3aker

User Info: SolKarellen

4 years ago#47
Anything involving the Railgun or the Spartan Laser.

I missed the later in Reach MP.
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User Info: WadeKoe

4 years ago#48
32 Gauss Cannon Kills


User Info: PufTheMgicDingo

4 years ago#49
Camping around the corner with the Boltshot

User Info: A_Naked_Penguin

4 years ago#50
Binaries - the disintegration is awesomesauce.
Any time I kill a vehicle when I'm not in one, especially boarding tanks
If im In a wraith and I get boarded, shooting at a wall killing us both.
Long range railings.
GT: An Old Nun
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  3. What kind of kills give you the most satisfaction?

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