Is there a way to reset multiplayer game back to level 1.

#1businessman2000Posted 11/20/2012 10:03:06 AM
Is there a way to start my entire game as level 1 again. So say i'm level...28, and I want to start over, just for specific reasons. Is there a way I can start my entire multiplayer character over at level 1 again and just start leveling up the character fresh from level 1? Thanks.
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#2Teh_BtrflyzPosted 11/20/2012 10:09:24 AM
I don't think so. If you're running into players who are way better because you leveled too far you could always not play for a few days and let the casual crowd catch up.

I know I'm level 58 and basically every game I play is a tough fight.
#3demonicshockPosted 11/20/2012 10:10:23 AM
yeah, i'm level 59 and i hate myself
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#4metroidman92Posted 11/20/2012 10:13:45 AM
No, there's no prestiging.
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#5Protoman_X38Posted 11/20/2012 10:13:49 AM
I thought the game was suppose to have a hidden truerank system, and you play with people based on that? The leveling itself has nothing to do with skill.
#6puppyPosted 11/20/2012 10:18:52 AM
I've consistently played awesome on Big Team, and I've inflated my K/D ratio...but I've noticed people I play against get slightly more difficult to deal with. I play with my other two buddies who have an even K/D ratio however, so very few are better than me. Not to brag, but most others can be dealt with one on one.

I kinda like how it has become progressively tougher, however, makes it more competitive. Yes, it is nice to get a game of 50 kills, 2 deaths with a gauss, but squeaking out a flag match 5 to 4 feels better.
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#7Teh_BtrflyzPosted 11/20/2012 10:39:07 AM
Protoman_X38 posted...
I thought the game was suppose to have a hidden truerank system, and you play with people based on that? The leveling itself has nothing to do with skill.

I didn't know that. I assumed that the matches were getting harder because my level was increasing.
#8CorndogburglarPosted 11/20/2012 10:42:41 AM
Come on guys, yeah it gets harder as you play with more skilled players, but isn't that fun? Who wants to play a game where you just dominate every round with no problem?

Thats how it was for me until i reached SR24. Since then, there are more people my skill range in the matches and it makes it so much more fun.
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#9Kratos12429Posted 11/20/2012 10:48:26 AM
The "True Rank" system isn't going to be implemented until January of next year. You can find more details about it on 343 Industries' site. Or if you don't feel like searching you can use this:
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#10Sarius_SharpPosted 11/20/2012 11:10:40 AM
If you read carefully from your linked source:

CSR (competitive skill rank/system)
At Halo 4ís launch, the competitive skill system will measure your performance against other players in Halo 4 War Games and use this information to match you up against opponents of comparable skill ranks. When the CSR system is fully implemented post-launch, Waypoint will assign each player a visible and detailed Skill Rank, viewable in the player profile section of Halo Waypoint.

To me, this means it is already implemented in the background. It will be fully implemented, (i.e., visible for you to see in the near future).