So how's everyone's K/D?

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4 years ago#61
1.11, haven't played much this week, just had my first game today and went 24/16 today will be a good day I feel.
4 years ago#62
2.5+ or something. Last night helped tremendously, every game was 30+ kills, 5 deaths. I have days like this however, then the next day I'll barely break even.

I'm weird like that.
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4 years ago#63
My K/D is 1.3. Something like 1,450 kills and 1,100 deaths. It's not great but I'm happy with it. I've kind of stopped caring about it.
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4 years ago#64
Over. 1.something.
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4 years ago#65
@ 6 hours of gameplay 1.45
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4 years ago#66
Like .90

I play a lot of CTF :/
4 years ago#67
Sosa! GT: ToD Kactus
4 years ago#68
People put too much stock in K/D.

If you play Slayer exclusively, then yeah, above 1 or below one tells you if you're above/below average.

If you play a lot of objective games, then it doesn't mean anything. A high K/D could just mean you're boosting your ratio and not playing the objectives, and having a low K/D could mean you're one of the people who actually want to play objective games for fun and not to boost some online stat so people can be impressed when they look you up or something.

Personally, I only really enjoy playing Slayer since it seems most people don't actually want to play the objectives. So my K/D is like, 1.2 or something.
4 years ago#69
I think mine is around .6

awful I know, but I like to play more objective games, where dying alot doesnt equate to losing.
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4 years ago#70
Eh, 2.5
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