Best service tag you have seen so far?

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because it matches my gamertag
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ox0shadow0xo posted...
This is really opinion based though. Like I personally think it's dumb to make your call sign something like "PWND" or spelling out other words using 4 letters. I think of actual military call signs being a name/letter and numbers. Like Tango 6(T6 maybe), or Kilo 147(K147). Those make more sense to me. Maybe I'm just reading too far into it lol.

I did the same thing when I made mine
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Yeeee brah
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i love elfen lied
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Google is your friend
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Microwave_Oven posted...

Google is your friend

I'm Japanese. I don't need Google for this one.
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Oh yeah...just remembered a guy on my friend list has NU13
We added each other from the game that tag referenced from.
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F'd Up The A?
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pblimp360 posted...
F'd Up The A?

Not even close.
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