Best service tag you have seen so far?

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4 years ago#51
Chance724 posted...
i love elfen lied

If you see somebody with LUCY as their spartan tag, its less likely that it's a reference to an anime series and more likely that its their name.

Not that it can't be an anime reference, but its unlikely since Lucy is a fairly common, normal name.
Underwater Spartans:
4 years ago#52
I rock RED5
4 years ago#53
Mine is CHUB.
4 years ago#54
That would be FUPA
4 years ago#55
4 years ago#56
Phantom0708 posted...

Cookies to who all gets the reference

I should mention my armor is red and my visor is orange, too

Love that show... If thats what u talkung about
xbl GT:thatman 6sic6 psn id:thatman_6sic6
4 years ago#57
Mine is PRAY, as my gamertag is Deadly Mantodea (mantodea being the latin genus for the praying mantis)
I am the rocks of the eternal shore...crash against me and be broken!
GT: Deadly Mantodea
4 years ago#58
SONY < mine

Because I'm a douche.
Haters mean you're doing your job right.
GT and PSN: sinyx
4 years ago#59
There are some clever ones here. My tag is HG86, simply because my GT is Hungry Grump and I was born in 1986.
Long days and pleasant nights.
4 years ago#60
Mine: UMAD
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