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4 years ago#51
-Dual Wielding
-The Arbiter
-The Regular Covenant (Much nicer and funnier than Storm)
-Halo 3 Recon!!!!!!!! That stuff looked awesome when it came out for the public, but reach and halo 4 has destroyed it. You know how long it took me to get that armor?
-Mark V Armor.... So Iconic
-Playing as elites. I loved it when someone came online as an elite. That death scream is priceless
-Grunts speaking english
-Sgt. Johnson
I guess that's it.......
4 years ago#52
My friends. They moved on.
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4 years ago#53
War Sphynx
Grenade Launcher
A vehicle to replace the Brute Chopper
A Weapon to replace the Brute Shot
Silenced SMG
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4 years ago#54
The chopper, 1flag, assault and being an elite.

for people who think they are sooo good:

If you think being good or being 'trash' at halo matters then you are a fool. It is halo, it is supposed to be easy and fun not about how good you think you are. If you care enough about halo skills to insult another player then you should probably go find a game where 99 percent of the players would eat you alive because you are the one who is garbage.
4 years ago#55
rschroe3 posted...
X Killed y
X was Killed by Y

This, but with the extra details.

x sniped y
x assassinated y
x killed y with a headshot

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4 years ago#56
- Lone Wolfs

Jesus Christ. I hope a pack of wild deers attack you.
4 years ago#57
Good maps
I like turtles
4 years ago#58
Seriously, people are talking about Armor Lock, Brute Shots, Choppers, Dual Wielding, Elephants...


4 years ago#59
The "red X".
4 years ago#60
Being able to block the damn sword with a well timed melee. You could do this in Reach, but they got rid of it halfway through.
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