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4 years ago#61
pdt149 posted...
Seriously, people are talking about Armor Lock, Brute Shots, Choppers, Dual Wielding, Elephants...





- Decent AI
- Powerful grenades that would actually flip a warthog
- Fall Damage
- Plasma Rifle (w/ stun effect)
- Blood Gulch
- Warthog turret that was powerful, accurate, and could turn fast enough to stay on target as you pass people

I'll leave it at that for now.
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4 years ago#62
"Stranded in this spooky town."
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4 years ago#63
the ability to call a woman a c***

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4 years ago#64

I want to destroy lesser vehicles with it again.
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4 years ago#65
not enough teal
pull it....arg!
4 years ago#66
firefight mode
playing as an elite
dual wielding one handed guns
halo combat evolved shield and health system
the chopper
the halo combat evolved magnum pistol way better than newer magnum pistol
warthogs and ghosts turn over way to easy in halo 4

thats about it
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4 years ago#67
WORKING @#@&^(#@$#@%@%^*& GRENADES
4 years ago#68
Better map variety(Even at launch, Halo 3 and 2 had more maps than Halo 4)
Lone Wolves playlist(Probly will be patched in, though)
Dual Wielding
No loadouts
Plasma Rifle
Better grenades

Pretty much all of this is what I miss.
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