Ok I decided what I'm doing with the locus helmet code. CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

#101mason_jeePosted 11/22/2012 8:47:19 AM
a seal walks into a club
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#102faxmachnePosted 11/22/2012 8:59:25 AM
I sent you a couple more. PM only though
Thanks to the guy who blabbed on my old one
#103s90210Posted 11/22/2012 9:26:40 AM
What do you call a mexican with a rubber toe? Roberto. (insert joke drums.mp4)
What do you call a mexican with a lost car? Carlos (insert joke drums.mp4)

And now for the world's shortest joke. Justin Bieber's penis. LOL
#104Zombie_MuffinPosted 11/22/2012 9:46:11 AM
Tell you my funniest joke?

#105Mumble_Posted 11/22/2012 10:12:38 AM
Unce unce unce wub wub wub woop woop
#106SociopathixPosted 11/22/2012 10:15:59 AM
What's the difference between Jesus and a picture of Jesus?

It only takes one nail to hang the picture
The world requires no audience, no witnesses, no witnesses!
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Ok so two junkies are hanging out doing some heroine with a shared needle when the first junkie says to the second junkie "hey can't we get Aids from this?" to which the second junkie replys " don't worry, I'm wearing a condom"
The world requires no audience, no witnesses, no witnesses!
GT: Sociopathix msg first if your gonna add please
#108CyanocittaPosted 11/22/2012 11:11:29 AM
There was a fish swimming up-stream, that stopped to wade in a small side-pool. 6 inches above the pool of water, the fish noticed a fly, lazily buzzing about. The fish thought, "Hmm..if only that fly would drop six inches to the surface of the water, I could have myself a nice snack."

Well what that fish didn't know, was that by the side of the small pool was a feral pussycat. The cat was watching the fish, who was watching the fly, thinking, "If that fly drops six inches, that fish is going lunge to the top of the pool, and I can reach down and grasp my claws into it for a good meal."

Unfortunately for the cat, in the tall-grass behind it awaited the coyote. The Coyote was watching the cat, watch the fish, watch the fly, and thinking if it acts quick enough it can snatch that cat for a nice dinner. But the coyote was not the top dog, there in the woods waited the hunter, watching that coyote, watch the cat, watch the fish, watching the fly; thinking I could have myself a nice fur hat if I shoot that coyote immediately when it peeks out of the grass.

Then it all happens, the insect tires. The fly drops six inches, the fish zooms to the top of the pool, meanwhile the coyote lunges for the cat, the hunter shoots at the coyote, and the pussycat started by all the action falls into the water.

Moral of the story: When a fly drops six inches, pussycat gets wet.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
#109QuackFishPosted 11/22/2012 11:34:59 AM
a guy walks into a bar and says ow
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BoxTheMuppet posted...
777GUY777 posted...
BoxTheMuppet posted...
Would you prefer a joke contest?

I don't need the code. Several people have PM-ed me so far.

Again, no. Find something else to do to keep you entertained.

Dude, find another thread to troll. People are actually doing this.

This isn't for my entertainment. I don't give anything away for free. I live in NY and never give the homeless dudes money. However, I give them a chance to earn money by showing me a talent.

When you grow up you will appreciate the things you earn a little more than the things that are freely given.

That's why your topic descended into a joke...